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Camp is a fun and informal environment where educators can get valuable experience. Whether you are looking into a career in teaching or have a passion for a particular subject, an education internship can provide you with a summer of observation, planning, and teaching.

Past the experience actually teaching, an education internship at camp comes with the benefits of a camp job! No need to worry about paying for housing or meals through the summer, a wonderful community, and the opportunity to develop skills that will help you into the future.

A job at a summer camp can help you improve interpersonal skills and form close relationships. This is doubly true for an educator, as you will be working to develop relationships with your students (campers) to better engage them in the material. It also gives you a hands on location to teach, allowing you to bring your classroom to the outdoors and learn by doing as opposed to through a book. Because you’ll be at it every day, teaching at a camp can provide educators with an opportunity to dive deeper into topics that they may have to gloss over in other circumstances.

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Working at camp also lets you get away from the routine of daily life in the rest of the world to rediscover and spend the summer doing what is really important to you. It provides an opportunity almost daily for simple spontaneity as opposed to the rigid schedule of the rest of the year. Whether it be an impromptu hammock hang during down time or switching your lesson plan on the fly when you discover a family of frogs near where you are teaching.

Camp can also be an opportunity to make friendships that will last a lifetime. Many former campers and camp staff will tell you that the friendships they made over the course of a summer feel more real than those developed over years growing up due to the close proximity to the camp community for the summer. Everyone working at a camp is in it together, and it can create a special bond.

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