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Creative & Performing Arts Jobs

Creative Arts Camp Counselors

Our creative arts instructors are responsible for the planning, preparation and implementation of their particular activity. They create a fun and inviting environment where kids love to come and be creative.

As a creative arts specialist, you will be instructing kids ages 7 - 15, maintaining an organized and inviting studio, and accommodating the many and varied needs of summer camp that involve artistic assistance which can include special events and plays.

Some camps offer a general Arts & Crafts activity where you will be instructing in a variety of media. Other camps have more specific choices such as Ceramics, Jewelry Making, Woodworking and Fashion Design.

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Arts & Crafts Jobs

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Ceramics Jobs

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Cooking/Culinary Arts Jobs

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Digital Photography & Videography Jobs

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Jewelry Making Jobs

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Media/Animation Jobs

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Newspaper Jobs

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Painting Jobs

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Pom Pom Jobs

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Fashion Design/Sewing Jobs

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Woodworking Jobs

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Model Rocketry Jobs

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Music and Performing Arts

Some of our camps have state of the art music and recording studios. Our talented instructors work with kids in songwriting, vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums, DJing, beat production and more! It is an incredible way for you to gain experience as a musician, performer and instructor.

Theater and dance are offered as activities where the campers participate in improvisational exercises, acting techniques, dramatic and musical performances, singing and dance — including ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. In the theater department, you are responsible for producing one to two full-scale productions with play rehearsals. The campers will have an opportunity to assist in tech, set, and costume design. In dance, campers showcase their skills in a final performance in front of the whole camp.

As part of the performing arts staff, you will gain skills that will help further your career goals in coaching drama, directing, choreographing, working on set or costume design, music and dance.

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Acting/Improv Jobs

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Ballet Jobs

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DJ & Beat Production Jobs

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Dance Jobs

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Dramatics Jobs

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Guitar Jobs

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Keyboarding Jobs

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Radio, Podcasting, Sports Broadcasting Jobs

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Set Design Jobs

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Song Writing Jobs

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