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Camp Counselor Jobs

General Camp Counselors

Working at summer camp is a great summer job for college students

Each summer we bring over 2,500 college students and talented, passionate people from around the world to work at our summer camps. General camp counselors are invaluable staff members who spend the majority of the day with one group of boys or girls.

Become a Camp Counselor

Camp counselors are role models who assist and motivate children, whether they are trying to learn a new skill, or they have concerns about an issue or idea. Throughout the day general counselors monitor and participate in the group’s activities and do everything in their power to make each of their campers’ summer the most memorable yet. General Camp Counselors should enjoy working with children, have a high level of patience, a solid work ethic, and be open minded and fun!

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Camp Leadership, Head Counselors, & Division Leaders

Experienced professionals are selected to be an integral part of our summer leadership teams at camp. We offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract the top talent. Leadership positions vary from camp to camp so be sure to inquire if you are interested.

In general, those working in a leadership position have a high level of expertise in their area including experience supervising, teaching, and coaching children ages 7-15. They are self-starters, flexible, organized and creative. Some areas of responsibility might include:

  • Supervising and instructing during activity periods
  • Working closely with counselors to help with camper guidance isssues
  • Communicating with parents as needed
  • Curriculum design for a particular activity area for children age 7-15
  • Staff performance reviews counselors or activity specialists
  • Planning Evening Activities and Special Events
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General Camp Counselors & Activity Specialists

Many camp counselors have a dual role as both a counselor living in a cabin with 6-12 campers and as an activity specialist in an area of their expertise — athletics, water sports, outdoor adventure, creative & performing arts, or horseback riding. Both in the cabin and in their program, areas specialists are responsible for creating communities that are fun as well as emotionally and physically safe. Cabin life consists of supervising a camper cabin in conjunction with 1-3 other co-counselors on a daily basis.

Specialists have experience playing or participating in their activity and spend the summer planning, supervising, and instructing their area. Many have experience teaching and coaching in their areas prior to coming to camp, though this is not always a requirement.

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