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Travel and VISA

In order to apply for a visa, you must first be hired by one of our CampGroup camps. Once you are hired, you are then eligible to apply for J-1 visa sponsorship directly through GreatCampJobs, a division of CampGroup, LLC. The GreatCampJobs General Visa Information Booklet will be sent to you. It contains helpful information about the J-1 Visa Application process.

Visa sponsorship is only available to CampGroup summer employees.

If you haven’t applied for a camp position and would like to, please apply for a Camp Job and select the appropriate position.

J-1 VISA Sponsorship Information

In order to work at a CampGroup camp, you need to obtain the proper documentation in order to secure your U.S. summer work visa. We ask that you be expedient and thorough in completing all required forms. It is a multi-step process and U.S. Embassies tend to get busier closer to the summer months. It is important that you get started with the process right away.

Step 1: Complete the J-1 Visa Sponsorship Application

GreatCampJobs, a division of CampGroup, LLC, is a properly designated sponsor for a J-1 Visa. The first step in obtaining visa sponsorship is to to read the FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions and complete the sponsorship application. Be sure that all of the information on the application matches the information on your passport.

Step 2: Make Sure You Have All of the Necessary Forms

Once your signed application has been received and your employment verified, your information will be processed through the government system and you will be issued a DS 2019 form. This form confirms that you have been approved for the J-1 Visa program and that you have a US Sponsor. It is not a J-1 Visa. You will still need to apply for your visa at the US Embassy nearest you. (Canadian citizens need not apply at an embassy and only need the DS 2019 form) The DS 2019 form will be mailed to you. The package will also include all other forms that you will need when you go to your embassy appointment.

Step 3: Apply For Your J-1 Visa at the U.S. Embassy Nearest You

*Note: Canadian citizens do not need to apply at a U.S. Embassy

Step 4: Entering and Exiting the United States

Your J-1 Visa status begins when you enter the United States. Be sure to have all of the required forms with you when you get to the Port of Entry. Read through the booklet provided as well as the FAQ’s to familiarize yourself with the entry and exiting process. It is imperative that you correctly enter and exit the United States.

Please read carefully through the FAQ’s and Terms and Conditions. Print a copy of each to keep for your reference.