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Camp Ramaquois

Pomona, New York

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Why Ramaquois?

Great staff members are what sets Ramaquois apart from other camps. Any people who are dynamic and special; can give of themselves; are kind, compassionate, caring, and bright; and know how to balance fun and responsibility would be great fits to be a part of the Ramaquois team. The Ramaquois staff understands that building relationships is more important than any other skill a camper may learn during the summer.

Camp Ramamquois Staff Reviews

There is no other place in the world that I would rather spend my summers. Being a counselor at Camp Ramaquois for the past six years has given me some of my best friends as well as the chance to be able to grow as a leader and mentor for children. Camp Ramaquois has become a true home for me and I cannot imagine my life without it. - Aliza

Having spent the last 11 years with Camp Ramaquois split as a camper and counselor, it has truly become my summer home. The motto around camp is “we wait 10 months for 2” and nothing could be truer for the staff and campers who return every year. Each summer at Ramaquois brings new friends, learned athletic/artistic skills, and exciting experiences with the Adventure Trip program - Justin

Ramaquois is not only a place to build memories but to build strength as a person. A place that teaches you that you can find a sense of home and family in people who you would likely never have crossed roads with. -Eric

Is Camp Ramaquois Near Me?

Camp Ramaquois is located in Pomona, New York. Ramaquois families live in Bergen County, Rockland County, Westchester, and Manhattan. If you live nearby and want to work with children at day camp this summer, apply through today for your best summer job ever.

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