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Camp Winadu

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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Why Winadu?

Working at Winadu is much more then a summer job or internship – it is an Experience where you will become part of our camp family, develop skills for any major and make lifelong friends. At Winadu, you will have the opportunity to work at the premier boys sports camp, mentoring campers and teaching your sport.

Camp Winadu Staff Reviews

“My experience at Camp Winadu was amazing. I met so many different and beautiful people. I made connections the will last lifetimes and I will always be grateful for the opportunity. the things I learned and experienced at camp helped me make a decision on what I wanted to do for a career and helped me grow as a person.After my first summer at winadu, I knew I wanted to to work with the youth in the future. I was given the opportunity to interact with kids from different backgrounds and staff from all over the world. The time I had aat camp helped me transition into my current job working in an elementary school setting. I feel more comfortable doing my job because of what I was exposed to during camp.” -Courtney

“Winadu gave me the unique opportunity to work with boys who had a passion for my chosen career path, sportscasting. It was an incredible experience working with kids who were truly interested in learning how to build their broadcasting skills and just loved to talk sports. Also, getting to work with the best in the business, Tracy Wolfson was a major highlight.” - Tamar

“I was able to count my time at Winadu as internship experience, which was a requirement for my degree., Winadu has also encouraged me to use my degree in some facet of youth sports.” - Johnny

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