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To land a summer job, applicants should begin the hiring process way before the warm weather sets in! Though the holidays are right around the corner, the Spring semester will be over before you know it. For college students seeking a new job or internship at a summer camp, now is the right time to apply to ensure they don’t miss the boat.

Students interested in obtaining summer work this year need to start their search now. Using the following steps as a guide will help students strategize and secure an awesome opportunity at a camp for this summer.

  1. Start by completing an online application. Once submitted, applications will be sent to multiple Staffing Directors at the best summer camps in the United States who will reach out to setup an interview.
  2. Prepare for the interview by practicing with common interview questions.
  3. Research camps before the actual interview. With 16 camps in our network, applicants should prepare a few questions to ask the indiviudal Staffing Director. Being knowledgeable and interested goes a long way in impressing potential employers!
  4. Follow up after each job interview with an email to the Staffing Director expressing appreciation. Showing interest and enthusiasm helps distinguish individuals from other job seekers.
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Finding the right summer internship or job is important. In a competitive job market, a unique, skill-building experience can make the difference in obtaining a full-time position down the road. More employers are using summer work experiences as screening devices to assess the skills and abilities of prospective employees.

Skills learned on the job supplement the skills learned in the classroom. A summer job or internship at camp is likely to give individuals a competitive edge as they help develop communication, decision-making, and conflict-resolution skills. Consider a summer job or internship at camp an investment that allows students to develop new skills, have fun, and earn a paycheck.

CampGroup camps are the best summer camps to work at. Explore all of the summer jobs we have to offer and apply today!