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Looking for a summer job that revolves around the skills/hobbies you love instead of your regular summer gig? Well do we have the job(s) for you!

The first job that comes to mind when you think of working at a summer camp is likely the role of a general counselor — staying with your campers for the day as they go around to different activities. But there are a wide range of jobs available at summer camps that go beyond that to focus on specific skills you have already.

Lifeguard – Want to spend your days soaking up the sun in your lifeguard chair but sick of the public pool view? Trade it and the randomness of patrons at the public pool in for a lifeguard stand lakeside and the chance to really get to know the swimmers you’re in charge of! A day at camp as a lifeguard could mean swim lessons for younger campers, scanning the lake from your stand, going out on a patrol boat, and much more!

Sports Coach – If you’ve got a love for the game and the desire to spend the summer imparting that love on the next generation you’re a shoe in for a coaching job at camp. Take control of your court or field, design activities for fundamentals, and host tournaments for the campers all summer!

Camp SpecialistArts and Crafts, dance, gymnastics, camping, rock walls, nature and more! In addition to time in the water and playing sports campers will head to more “camp” type activity areas throughout the day! We’re looking for creatives and those with the adventure spirit to come to camp and show the campers something new to love.

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Whatever your hobby or skill, there’s a place for you at camp! You’ll get experience teaching your craft and get to share what you love with the campers throughout the summer, and maybe just learn something new about what you love yourself.

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Now Hiring!

Our camps are located in Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, & Vermont, and we need someone just like you! Check out these summer camp jobs for college students.