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What are the Benefits of Working at a Summer Camp?

Whether you are a high school student looking for one of your first jobs, a college student trying to find a job over the summer, or entirely out of school and looking for a work place to call a home working at a summer camp has something you might be looking for.

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High schoolers looking for the first or second job on their resume before heading off to college look no further. In addition to your summer salary, the benefits of working at a summer camp can set you up for the immediate and long-term future. Your summer salary is bolstered by the amenities you’ll find working at a summer camp, from having your housing and meals covered for the summer to referral bonuses for bringing your friends to work with you and regular laundry covered by camp (in case you’re worried about that first load of laundry away from home). In addition to the financial benefits, working at a summer camp provides you with a wealth of opportunities to develop personal skills and real, long lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

For college students and beyond, many of the benefits of working at a summer camp are the same as for high schoolers looking for one of their first jobs. The world trusts college age students to live by themselves for the first time, learning valuable skills and lessons that will carry them into the rest of their life, and in many of the same ways camp can extend that same kind of real-life education. In your role as a counselor most of the time you and your co-counselors are trusted with day-to-day management of a bunk of children. Over the course of a summer, you’ll learn what it means to be a mentor for your kids and how to help them be the best that they can be.

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In the same way that a dorm environment on a college campus encourages meeting new people and developing friendships, some of the strongest friendships can be formed with the various other counselors and staff at your camp. You’ll likely meet other people and make friends from around the world. With the other counselors you’ll learn or enhance an ability to work in a team, communication, having tenacity while working, and responsibility.

Working at a summer camp, whether it be as a coach, activity specialist, general counselor, or anywhere else on staff comes with a host of benefits. The easiest to explain is what you’d expect from any job. Specific salary information depends on which camp you are applying to, but across the board your compensation for work is made up of much more than just the number on your contract.

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