Spending time abroad can enrich your studies, broaden your cultural horizons and help you develop key skills valued by employers. Summer camp is a longstanding American tradition spanning back over a century. American parents send their children away for up to 7 weeks to live and play outdoors in a fun, epic and energetic environment. Spending YOUR summer in America working at a camp is an experience you certainly will never forget. Sure you’ll work hard, but the skills, memories and friendships that you’lll gain will all be worth it. Here are three reasons why you should spend your summer working at a summer camp in the United States:

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1. EXPERIENCE Applying for full-time jobs is competitive. From placement to volunteering initiatives and part-time jobs, young people are constantly looking for ways to boost their CV. The skills learned at camp are perfect for adding to your CV: leadership, organization, time management, team work, problem solving, creativity, resilience, and presentation skills are just a few.

2. FRIENDSHIP The friends you make working at camp will last a lifetime. We’re not just saying that. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and from all over the world. After two months, you’ll have grown close with some amazing people and have shared an amazing experience together having established an international network of friends and contacts.

3. TRAVEL It’s a great way to explore a new country without having to save up for a long time. With free accommodations and meals, you can’t go wrong. Not only do you get to experience the local area where camp is, but you also get 30 days to travel the country after. Most often staff choose to visit some of America’s most iconic cities like New York City, New Orleans or Las Vegas. Others may opt to sight-see and visit places like Niagra Falls or the Grand Canyon. There are so many options and places to explore when the summer is over.

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“Going to Camp Watitoh through Camp America was the most amazing experience of my life. I applied online and immediately found Watitoh. Match made. I never had to stress about flights and they made the visa process easy to understand. I really enjoyed my time at camp. The relationships made were great and unforgettable. It was honestly the best summer I’ve ever had and replay it in my head too much to admit. Best summer ever.” - Josh

The skills, memories and friendships that they’ll gain at camp will last a lifetime.

With a mission of enriching children’s lives, CampGroup operates 15 of the finest boys, girls, & co-ed sleepaway camps and day camps in America. Our team of hiring professionals spend months hiring international staff to work for us in the summer.

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