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Incase it wasn’t obvious yet, we love working at camp.

That being said, we LOVE a day off. Days off vary from camp to camp, and there are as many strategies for how best to utilize them as there are people who work for camp.

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How often do I get a day off and how long do they last? At the majority of camps counselors will have one day off per week, typically the same day every week. It may change based on special events and weather, but you can typically expect the same day to be your day off every week.

Days off typically last for the entirety of a “workday” meaning your day off would start at wakeup and end at check in time at night. This is a much more fluid question depending on the camp, so we check with the specific camps you are applying to see their exact policy.

Who do I spend my day with and how do I get around? A group of counselors will have the same day off as you for the summer. In general, this is somewhat random but most camps give counselors a bit of say at the end of orientation on who they would like to have on their day off with them. This isn’t 100% guaranteed, but you won’t be alone!

The second question is more dependent on your specific camp. Some will allow counselors to use camp vehicles as long as the counselor covers the cost of fuel. Many American counselors will bring their cars with them to camp and are usually plenty happy to make a plan with a group to fill out their car for the day off.

What can I do on my day off? Will I need to bring money? As we said before, there are nearly as many opportunities for a day off at camp as there are people that work there. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hiking – Because most camps are located farther from cities, the location around camps often have enough trails that a seasoned camp counselor would have trouble hitting all of them in their years at camp.
  • Explore the Area – With a bit of research beforehand, a counselor can plan out a day of sightseeing or small town exploration! Fledgling historians, thrift store hunters, and craft coffee consumers unite; many of the small towns around camps are packed to the brim with historical sights, out of the way shops, and charming cafes that can take up an entire years worth of days off to explore.
  • Go to the Mall - Looking for a shopping fix? Find one of the malls nearby and take in the day in the air-conditioned pathways. A favorite for a rainy day off, you can find all of the clothes and other items you may have forgotten to pack in one place! Take in a movie, grab some food court treats, and maybe even find a pet shop to play with the puppies!
  • Visit a Lake/Beach – Probably the most popular of the day off options, hit up the beach or a lake to top off your tan or hang a hammock for an incredible nap. Hit up the store on the way for enough fruit and snacks to last you the day and make sure to pack your swimsuit and favorite book while you relax the day away at water’s edge.
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