Looking for a summer job? GreatCampJobs can help! Summer 2022 is right around the corner. Now is the time to secure a great summer job or paid internship that allows you to invest in your resume, earn money, expand your network, and have some fun! If you enjoy the outdoors, working with kids, and want to develop your leadership skills, working at camp may be the best summer job for you! Here are our top 5 summer jobs for college students.

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1. Swim Instructor / Lifeguard

Grab your bathing suit and ditch the office for the waterfront. Becoming a swim instructor is a great summer job for college students who want to make money, get exercise, and help people become comfortable in the water. Our camps provide on-site training to staff members interested in becoming a certified lifeguard in our lakes and/or pool. We also offer watersports summer jobs for staff members interested in waterski jobs or sailing jobs.

2. Sports Coach

Sports coaching jobs at camp are for those who love their specific sport and want to teach young athletes. We offer positions in basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, football, hockey, and a variety of other sports. If your degree revolves around sport management or even business management, a coaching position will teach you valuable skills in running a team. Because really, a sports team, in many ways, is similar to a business team. You’ll get real-world experience in growing players and getting everybody to work together as efficiently and effectively as possible.

3. Camp Counselor

Cabin counselors are the lifeline of our summer camps. The skills developed as a camp counselor are ones that translate to the “real world” because summer camp is a perfect example of the “real world.” Camp is a place where people of all different backgrounds and cultures come together and coexist. Counselors practice conflict resolution, communication, and problem-solving as they guide children safely throughout the day.

4. Activity Specialists

Teach what you love this summer! As an activity specialist, you will instruct campers in a specific area at camp. Know how to shoot a bullseye? We have summer archery jobs. Can you do a backflip? Consider a summer gymnastics job. Is horseback riding your passion? We have summer equestrian jobs. We also have summer woodworking jobs, creative and performing arts jobs, outdoor and high ropes jobs, and other speciality areas.

5. Support Staff

Every camp needs a team of dedicated, hard-working summer camp support staff who manage all of the behind the scenes logistics. Support staff members are the unsung heroes of camp who ensure everyone has the best summer experience possible. Camps have a variety of roles including those on the culinary team preparing and serving meals or on the maintenance team keeping camp clean and safe.

When should I start looking for summer 2022 jobs?

If you’re wondering when to apply for summer work: the sooner that you apply, the better! Our camps are actively hiring now for Summer 2022.

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