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Ultimately, you should ask yourself, “self, what is the purpose of me undertaking an internship this summer?”

For most people, they would answer to themselves that they want a paycheck, hopefully whilst undertaking meaningful work experience that develops their exposure to employment in life, fulfills college requirements and hopefully builds some relatable skills for a future career field. In my mind, most importantly, an internship should help you break out of your comfortable day to day life, hometown and family so that you can grow and expand your independence and understanding of the world which will further your future employment opportunities.

A role at camp this summer can provide all of this for you. Camp is an internship in life. At Cobbossee (and all of our camps) we hire staff from all over the states and all over the world. This means interacting with a motivated, diverse and interesting group of people from all cultures and walks of life. They might be older or younger than you, but it’s likely you’ve known a different life to them geographically, culturally or socioeconomically. They will have had experiences and professions you haven’t heard about or seen personally, exposing you to a variety of current and future professionals in the workforce.

Within camp, you will have close supervisors who help you to achieve in your role and develop as an instructor, role model and coach. You will experience real responsibility in regards to the mentorship of your campers. Working alongside and managing people is a guaranteed step in your future. Camp will help you learn how to help others and yourself to succeed. All future managers and leaders should experience working closely with people, and camp provides a residential learning environment to do this in.

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Camp is exciting and adventurous but in many ways also one of the safest environments to step out of your comfort zone. There will be a community of kind, fun loving people around you all summer who support your efforts. Every staff member has a direct supervisor who has done their job previously and can share from their experience. Everything on site, all summer, is provided for you including; Travel Allowances, Bed and Board, Laundry Service, Wifi, Day-off Transportation, a Weights Room, Staff Room and organized Staff Social Events.

It’s quite simply a paradise to live and work somewhere that has incredible nature and a beautiful, warm summer whilst enjoying the benefits of all our facilities. You will meet great, like minded people in your peer group and become close friends with them in a safe, residential campus.

How do we make this summer job an internship? Our internships are tailor made to the individual to ensure professional development through Major-specific learning outcomes agreed upon before the summer begins. These goals are formulated through conversations with Professors and Internship supervisors to ensure the maximum benefit of taking the internship with us. Contact hours are guaranteed around the 400-hour mark and professional evaluation and feedback is undertaken weekly through the summer. You are set up to succeed in this internship.

Through a camp internship, you’ll gain close mentorship from experienced professionals in Education, Psychology, Career Coaching, Recreation, Exercise Science and Outdoor Education.

Most importantly, summer camps hire young professionals and budding coaches exclusively so they can relate to the campers on site. There is a finite window of opportunity during college where you can have the experience of a lifetime and work at camp without having serious work experience prior.

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Working at camp is a life and work opportunity I wish all young people undertook. If a career in childcare isn’t for you and you attend a Summer camp once, the benefits and personal growth associated with attending a summer as an intern will never be looked back on with regret.

Camp is a once in a lifetime experience which will; fill your interview playbook with endless stories of challenges and tasks where you overcame and succeeded, give you hilarious tales for every occasion with family and friends, and best of all, give you a diverse community of friends and memories from the summer you worked at camp in a state far from home.

Whether you work at Camp Cobbossee or elsewhere, I hope you take the step to give yourself the greatest summer internship possible.