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Camp Ramaquois

Day Camp Jobs in Rockland County, New York

An unforgettable and life changing summer at Camp Ramaquois is guaranteed for people looking for a Day Camp Job in Rockland County, New York. Camp Ramaquois is now hiring staff for this summer. Ramaquouis carefully selects staff members who sing, hug, cheer, care, nurture, listen, understand, and uphold the highest standards.

Open Positions:

General Counselors

General counselors work with a specific group of children for the entire summer providing a physically and emotionally safe environment for campers to grow and learn.

Specialty Counselors

Specialty counselors remain in one area while different groups of campers visit your activity. You will have a chance to work with many different campers and staff members. If you have a passion for a specific craft, sport or other activity, this may be the position for you.


Swimming is a critical life skill for campers at Ramaquois. Lifeguards play an extremely important role in educating campers, while keeping them safe when in the pool or lake. As a lifeguard, you will have the opportunity to teach campers how to swim and supervise the safety of camp swims.

Additional leadership, administrative, and health center positions are available.

Ready for the summer of a lifetime at a day camp job near you? Apply today.