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Shibley Day Camp

Roslyn Heights, NY

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Why Shibley?

Working at Shibley will change your life! You will likely find yourself exhausted by the end of the day, however the hard work you invest with your campers will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Shibley Day Camp Staff Reviews

I’ve been at Shibley for 25 summers. It is a great place to be, to keep coming back to. The overall feeling is like family. The grounds are beautiful, and get better looking every year. Improvements, even when you might think none are needed, are ongoing. The staff and administration are always positive, as are the interactions between staff and the children – the reason why we, both staff and campers, are here year after year. - Long Time Shibley Staff Member

My experience at Shibley was more impactful and meaningful to me than I could have ever expected. To be honest I didn’t really even know what to expect, but from my time as an employee I came to a very important realization: It’s not about what you expect from life, it’s about what life expects from you. - Danny “The Bungee Guy”

Is Shibley Day Camp Near Me?

Shibley Day Camp is located in Roslyn Heights, New York. Shibley families live in Nassau, Queens, and Manhattan. Do you want to work with children this summer? Do you live near Roslyn Heights? Be a day camp counselor! Apply through for the summer job you’ll never want to quit.

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Work at an Amazing Day Camp

When you’re at a summer day camp work doesn’t really feel like work. If you live in the NYC metro area, come work at one of our day camps!

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