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Greenwoods Camp

Decatur, Michigan

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Why Greenwoods?

When you join our summer team, you become family. At Lake of the Woods & Greenwoods Camps, we believe our staff is our most important customer. Each summer, we bring together close to 300 dynamic people from all over the world to experience meaningful connections while making a positive and lasting difference in children’s lives.

Camp Greenwood Staff Reviews

“I had no idea a summer camp in Decatur, Michigan, could make such a huge impact on me to the point that I want to make summer camp a career. I come back every year for the kids, the staff, and an opportunity to work at the best summer camp in the world.” - Jordan Miller, Former Counselor and Coach

“These people and camp helped to shape me into the woman I am today: confident, outgoing, fun, loud and driven. I have taken several summers off in between my stays, but I always know that my second home will be waiting for me”. - Kelsey Treon, Former Counselor and Current Campus Director

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Imagine being someone’s superhero. That’s what you become when you’re a camp counselor. Make your summer job meaningful.

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