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Camp Walt Whitman

Piermont, New Hampshire

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Why Walt Whitman?

We take great pride in coaching, supporting, and empowering our staff to spend their summer developing skills while being the best version of themselves. This allows our staff to make a profound impact on their campers by serving as role models and developing meaningful relationships through our diverse program activities. Spend your summer in the outdoors while getting to experience all that CWW has to offer and learn what it means to truly live 10 months for those 2 months at camp!

Camp Walt Whitman Staff Reviews

Watching as new friendships blossom and also making my own along the way, knowing that they are life long friendships and finally when everything comes to an end, knowing that you weren’t just part of any community, you were part of a family. That is camp, a family that learns something new everyday, laughs uncontrollable and loves unconditionally. - Madi

When I was an upper camp counselor, my bunk and I were getting ready for the ultimate adventure which is the famous Twins and Bonds traverse. There were numerous tough climbs with priceless views at every summit. We all had to push ourselves, encourage each other, and stay positive as we covered the terrain. This is when real relationships were built. We had numerous meaningful conversations and my kids heard every single one of my motivational stories to keep them fired up. Through all of the teamwork and fun we felt like family. We learned a lot on this adventure. Not only good things for camp, but skills that we can use in the real world for the rest of our lives. - Chilton

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