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Camp Kippewa

Monmouth, Maine

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Why Kippewa?

Kippewa staff and campers are empowered to be themselves and are celebrated for doing so. Working at Kippewa allows staff to develop both personally and professionally, building skills in management, leadership and teaching. All of this happens while having fun and making lifelong friendships!

Kippewa Staff Reviews

“I liked how everyone is nice to everyone. That the kids have fun doing the activities and that counselors also have a lot of fun as well.” - Kippewa Staff Member

“Kippewa to me is a positive environment where campers and counselors can one hundred per cent be themselves, enjoy a range of activities, make friends, learn from each other and have the chance to be a part of a magical experience.” -Kippewa Staff Member

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Working at Camp Doesn’t Even Feel Like Work

College students love working at summer camp because it’s the only job where you build your resumé while you’re having fun!

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