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Camp Danbee

Hinsdale, Massachusetts

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Why Camp Danbee?

Working at Danbee is an opportunity to develop skills that can be used in a career outside of camp. Danbee has a large leadership team to learn from with multiple college Head Coaches and experienced professionals in the education, outdoor recreation and sports industries.

Danbee is a place where you effortlessly grow into the best version of yourself, a place where summer relationships are born and lifelong friendships develop.

Camp Danbee Staff Reviews

I really wanted to say thank you for the opportunity this summer!!! I had such an amazing time and I had no idea before I came what kind of an impact Danbee would make on me… I also learned tons about myself and about so much stuff this summer…it really proved to me that I wanna definitely work with kids as a career. - Anna K.

I think I’ve grown a lot since I’ve been here. I’ve gained a new idea of who I am and have made some lifelong friendships here. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I will carry the lessons I’ve learned here with me everywhere. - Chelsea F.

I have more confidence and patience. I’m not nearly as apprehensive about dancing or singing anymore. Danbee has reinforced my aspirations to become a teacher & dedicate my career to children. - Sarah H.

I learned a lot about myself and I now know what I want to do with the rest of my life. Thanks to these girls I have decided to become a teacher! -Megan V.

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Making a bunch of life-long friends is just one of the perks when you work at camp. You’ll go on day trips, spend a ton of time outdoors, and be the superhero for your cabin.

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