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Camp Akeela

Thetford, Vermont

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Why Camp Akeela?

Utilize your passion for education, psychology and child development to provide a life changing sleep-away camp experience for a neurodiverse population. Our campers are diagnosed with ASD, NVLD, ADHD or a similar profile and are not just accepted at Akeela, but celebrated. Camp Akeela’s program is for campers between 4th-10th grade and is structured in a way that develops social skills, fosters growth and empowers youth; enabling our staff to exercise professional skills that are essential for their future endeavors in the clinical or educational workplace.

Camp Akeela Staff Reviews

Thank you for one of the most profound experiences of my life. There really are no words the describe the impact you’ve made on my life.Staff

I know that I only spent one summer at Akeela, but I still talk about that summer with friends, coworkers, at interviews and I reflect on it all the time. The skill set I had to learn has been the most beneficial thing for me in the ‘real world.’Staff

Akeela changed my life for the absolute better. It solidified the face that I want to work with this quirky, amazing population now and in the future. When I attend grad school for speech pathology, I want to specialize in autism spectrum disorder, partly due to the interactions I had with the Akeela campers.Staff

I’ve never been around so many genuine people as I was at Akeela. Whether it be on the waterfront, or within the core of the bunk, in the dining hall or on the front lawn, I made a lifetime of memories and friends to last me forever.Staff

Akeela changed my life. Some of the most powerful moments I have ever experienced happened at camp, yet it’s still as if they happened yesterday. It was with the campers that I truly understood the power of friendship and the pain of loneliness – but also the joy of being alone.Staff

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