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Beyond Akeela

Rindge, New Hampshire

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Why Beyond Akeela?

Beyond Akeela provides a unique opportunity for aspiring young professionals in the youth development industry to provide hands-on mentorship and guidance to neurodiverse teens navigating their post-secondary journeys. Staff at Beyond Akeela are the key to unlocking the potential of our campers and transforming their lives.

Beyond Akeela Staff Reviews

I just want you to know how much this past summer meant to me. I had such a wonderful time, making new friends and learning new things. Going into the summer I wasn’t sure what to expect. Anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not a rough-it type girl; bugs and I have never quite gotten along! This being said, I LOVED camp. It was by far the best summer of my life!” — Staff

Before this year I had no idea what was in store for me after graduation. I only hope that whatever I end up doing with my life, it will be something as fulfilling as my work this past summer.” — Staff

“This summer was so much fun and I can’t believe all the amazing experiences in which I got to partake. It truly reminded me the reason I want to be a teacher.”— Staff

“I didn’t realize that I could like a job as much as I did. After leaving, it really hit me hard. Camp opened my eyes to a whole world and confirmed that I really do want to work with children the rest of my life!!” — Staff

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